Advertising in motion


Velotaxi is a brand of BAYK AG with which a business model consisting of advertising marketing and bicycle taxes is licensed. Thanks to its diverse, creative and worldwide use, Velotaxi has developed into a successful business model in large metropolises and small towns

The marketing of the mobile advertising space is the mainstay of the Velotaxi company.

  • Green Marketing

    Environmentally friendly eye catcher

  • high contact rate

    Mobile eye-catcher in a highly frequented urban environment

  • Flashy advertising

    Innovative advertising medium that will be remembered

  • Promotion and transport

    Customer loyalty through a shared driving experience

  • Interchangeable advertising space

    Schnelle Anpassung bei wechselnden Kampagnen

  • Practical brochure display

    Advertising material always at hand

  • integrated tablet holder

    Digital advertising and city tours while driving

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