The business model for brand awareness and promotion combined with modern eMobility and environmentally friendly transport.

Mobile advertising

The Velotaxi advertising vehicles CRUISER, BRAND, BRING and BOB are modern electric vehicles with a positive image: clever, environmentally friendly, innovative, flexible, sporty – these are just a few descriptions, backed up by surveys, that connect pedestrians to the Velotaxi concept.

CRUISER, BRAND, BRING and BOB are ideal advertising media for image campaigns, new product launches, product campaigns. In addition, a driver (who is brand attired) can provide information about the company, the products, or act as tour-guide for specific locations. Customer relations are strengthened and enhanced.

CRUISER, BRAND, BRING and BOB can hardly be compared with ‘conventional’ advertising media in the ‘out-of-home’ market, because they are more mobile than a poster and get more attention than a bus or conventional taxi. They make maximum impact with their inherent ‘look-at-me’ quality.

Advertising with Velotaxi is characterised by above-average advertising conversion rates, a daily presence in public, targeted contact groups and a flexible tool in the media-mix.

Velotaxi advertising also can take place where other advertising media are not present, or not allowed to be present eg Pariser Platz at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the Dubai Mall in in the Burj Kalifa, next to Notre Dame in Paris, or the City of London.


Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, Dubai… Velotaxi is taking a new approach regarding its worldwide deployment. The Velotaxi concept is flexible enough to be successfully adapted to the most varied regional conditions. Whether in New York or Tokyo, Paris or Dubai, with all their regional differences, the success factors are always the same: enthusiasm of our clients and partners, and the belief to successfully operate a global, sustainable system.

There are now more than 120 Velotaxi locations in 50 countries dedicated to the Velotaxi concept. This network of partners is growing continuously, which itself generates new ideas, innovations and opportunities.


As unconventional and flexible as the CRUISER and BRING vehicles appear on the road, the Velotaxi business model is also unusual.

The revenues for the Velotaxi companies are not the income derived from the drivers’ fares, but the advertising revenues from the branded vehicle. The self-employed drivers operate the scheduled service on their own account, and only a small fee is levied by the Velotaxi drivers to cover maintenance and repairs to the vehicles.